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TechKnowCon is produced by PlusPlus and governed by the board. By choosing to be a member, you’re accepting this Member Guideline.

Jasmine Robinson

Rajan Tumbokon

Chris Shaffer

Katie Hawkes

Andrew Barrett

Moderator & Organizer

Marko Gargenta

Tomomi Menjo


Members of TechKnowCon should feel safe in an environment where they can learn, get inspired, and share knowledge with their peers.

Being a good citizen

  • Be welcoming, kind & open-minded
  • Look out for each other
  • Share your knowledge and ideas with others

Respecting your privacy

We will not share your personal data or use it for any other purpose than engaging with this community. We might share the ideas that emerge from the community with the community and beyond, e.g. recording and articles.

Non-solicitation policy

The spirit of this is: Help, Help, Help first. In a nutshell, that means:
Do not pitch or otherwise solicit your product or service ever.


TechKnowCon is governed by a Board. Please report misconduct to the TechKnowCon Board. Members may be asked to leave the community if they don’t change offensive behavior.