How Slack delivers impactful engineering training with PlusPlus

When trying to reach many members of an engineering organization with training on new skills, learning designers face challenges with all the different levels of experience and learning preferences. What are the methodologies and approaches to ensure all participants learn the skills, and even come back for more training, with so many different learning styles and backgrounds? Join us on July 16 as we learn how Slack tackles these challenges with the help of PlusPlus.

From utilizing features like Tracks, Codelabs, Assessments, and Surveys, (and sometimes leveraging his cats!) Benji Shine will share how he incorporates different methods to create a better learning experience for a long-term and impactful outcome.

July 16, 2024, 11:00 am PST Enroll

Benji Shine

Benji leads Engineering Onboarding and Learning at Slack. His 20+ years of experience as a software developer enable him to design programs that engineers are excited to participate in, both as learners and as leaders. He also worked full time as a research programmer at Brown University Department of Computer Science, developing novel educational technologies with a founder of the field, Andries van Dam.