Investing in Maturing Technical Onboarding Programs

New Hire Onboarding at Microsoft has continued to mature with additional thought, processes, and efforts being placed for improving the onboarding programs at all levels. To help groups gauge their programs for quality, and maturity and to understand where there are gaps, Swati and her team piloted an assessment tool called “Program Maturity Model” last year. The second round of this pilot recently concluded, providing the program owners and the participants with a rich treasure of both quantitative and qualitative data.

Swati will be joining us to share their learnings and the surprising patterns and information that was revealed by the data. She will also share how they plan to leverage the model to make strategic data-informed investments in maturing their onboarding programs to create value and growth even during the current industry hiring downturn.

January 12, 2023, 10:00 am PST Enroll

Swati Doshi