Technical onboarding at Splunk part 2: Measuring impact & success

In the first session, they shared the context & goals of their technical onboarding program at Splunk. In this second session, Gail and Rajon will discuss the different ways they measure success and the business impact of technical onboarding programs at Splunk. They will also share techniques of how you can define metrics specific to your organization and programs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the metrics experts!

May 15, 2024, 11:00 am PST Enroll

Gail Carmichael & Rajon Tumbokon

Gail Carmichael is a Principal Instructional Engineer at Splunk, where she combines her technical and learning skills to help build a world class engineering organization through learning and knowledge sharing. Outside of work, you can find her teaching aerial hoop and volunteering for Scouts Canada.

Rajon spent his career which spans two decades dedicated to enabling the acquisition of knowledge and skills so that employees can be productive and successful. By giving others a platform to learn without fear of failure, amazing things happen. After 9 years at LinkedIn, where he helped launch their Technical Training back in 2014 and their award-winning Engineering Bootcamp, he joined Splunk to lead their Engineering Enablement & Engagement efforts.